Face filler for daily use WITHOUT NEEDLES: fills the wrinkles and lines of the face and tones it.

With concentrated hyaluronic acid and cyclodextrins.

In the exclusive and refined applicator in the shape of an elegant Airless Technology syringe.

It fills the facial lines and smoothes the skin

Immediate FILLER effect designed for daily use

Concentrated Hyaluronic Acid, acts both on the surface and in depth

With Cyclodextrin (tensor effect) and Bee Venom (invigorating)

Practical, innovative and sophisticated design with golden elements.

FILLS FACE LINES AND SMOOTHES SKIN, helps mask the signs of aging (mature skin) and prevents them (young skin). The result is a silky and relaxed skin. Light and scented texture with rapid absorption.

IMMEDIATE EFFECT, designed for daily use, it gives the face a quick plumping and toning effect. Day after day the contours will be redesigned for a visibly younger and more toned look.

CONCENTRATED HYALURONIC ACID of two different molecular weights, HIGH to create a protective film on the skin and LOW that penetrates the epidermis. CYCLODEXTRINS, carbohydrates (oligosaccharides) with a marked Tensor effect. BEE POISON toning and anti-aging, a true trademark of LR Wonder Company.

PRACTICAL & INNOVATIVE DESIGN, for the first time in the world a Syringe-shaped Filler for a comfortable application with a refined design with grafts and golden finishes.

GUARANTEED and CERTIFIED QUALITY thanks to high-level components. Cosmetic technology and continuous scientific research by LR Wonder Company guarantee the safety and efficacy of the ingredients. 100% Made in Italy.


  • Alleviation of wrinkles
  • Filling of facial marks and lines
  • Soft and toned skin
  • Look younger for hydration

Consistency: fast absorbing fluid

Fragrance: harmonious and delicate

Unique and refined packaging with practical and hygienic dispenser.

Use it alone or with Derma Roller for greater penetration.


Concentrated Hyaluronic Acid

fundamental element naturally produced by the body, it intervenes in the conservation of intercellular water ensuring essential hydration to counteract skin aging.

It is present in two variants: with a high molecular weight that remains on the surface of the skin forming a protective film capable of retaining water (thus maintaining hydration) and with a low molecular weight, which instead penetrates into the stratum corneum, reaching the epidermis .


Known as CyD or CD they are actually carbohydrates (oligosaccharides) derived from starch with a remarkable Tensor Effect and Moisturizing properties.

Their extraordinary ability to control the gradual release of active ingredients makes them a perfect component for the daily use of cosmetics, because they require fewer applications during the day.

Bee venom

The precious (and expensive, about 8 times the value per gram of gold) bee venom is harvested with absolutely painless methods for our bee friends.

The firming tensor effect is the result of the action of the Mellitin contained in the bee venom, which induces a vasodilation of the epidermis with subsequent production of collagen and elastin fibers.


Rotate the plunger at the base to unlock the syringe and press it to dispense the serum.

Apply lightly to the desired areas and massage until completely absorbed.

PAO: 12 months

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